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Start Date: Dec 22, 2009
End Date: September 18, 2012

1. Get a manicure
2. Decorate a box to put the $5/goal in
3. Dye my hair an outrageous color
4. Color an entire coloring book
5. Make a hollow book
6. Spend one day eating junk food without feeling guilty
7. Create another 101 in 1001 list for when this one expires
8. See Legally Blonde again
9. Draw on a sidewalk with chalk
10. Participate in Postcrossing - send and recieve a postcard (0/3)
11. Spend a week eating without counting calories
12. Get a cute short haircut
13. Gamble, but don't spend more than $50

14. Attend a family reunion
15. Take the train to visit my college friends
16. Have date night 4 times a month for 3 months (0/12)
17. call my parents every week for 3 months (0/12)
18. Meet 3 people from LiveJournal (0/3)
19. Chat with someone online every day for 30 days (0/30)
20. Make two new friends offline (0/2)
21. Create mix CDs for 10 people (0/10)

22. make a $3000 lump sum payment on student loans
23. Put away $5 for each completed task - the total to be spent shopping at the end of my 1001 days (0/?)
24. Grow $4,000 in savings (2x) (0/2)

25. Learn to knit
26. Learn how to write with my left hand
27. Listen to 5 different courses on iTunesU
28. Get a library card
29. Learn to make a paper crane

Health and Fitness
30. Go to the dentist
31. Drink only water for a week (0/7)
32. Whiten my teeth
33. Use my Wii Fit 5x/week for a month (0/20)
34. Reach my target weight of 150 pounds
35. Maintain my target weight +/- 2 pounds for 60 days
36. Get an expert rating on all the Yoga poses in Wii Fit Plus
37. Take vitamins every day for 30 days
38. Exercise at least five days a week for a month for at least 1/2 hour -- Not Wii Fit (0/20)
39. See a doctor about my headaches and find out if I have migraines
40. Get a blender and make 3 different smoothies
41. Walk 5 miles at once
42. Walk 10 miles at once
43. Get a bicycle and ride it regularly (weather permitting)

44. Donate 100,000 grains of rice on
45. Do 25 random acts of kindness
46. Get rid of/donate 101 things I don't want or need (0/101)
47. Donate Blood 5 times (0/5)
48. Find an organization to volunteer for and spend 30 hours volunteering (0/30)
49. Take all the clothes I no longer want to Goodwill

50. Read 250 books (0/250)
51. Read House of Leaves
52. Read Les Miserables (unabridged)
53. Read all of the books on MLA's 30 Books Every Adult Should Read Before They Die (0/30)
54. Read and watch Fight Club
55. Read 10 books recommended to me by others (0/10)
56. Read the archives for 5 webcomics (0/5)
57. Read or watch the news at least 2x weekly for three months (0/24)
58. See 10 movies recommended to me by others (0/10)
59. See a movie by myself
60. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet (0/26)
61. See 10 classic movies I've never seen
62. Watch all of Tarantino's movies
63. Watch 5 movies my husband recommends and I've never seen (0/5)
64. Watch all the movie DVDs I own but have never seen
65. Watch every episode of Criminal Minds
66. Watch S1 of Buffy
67. Finish a Grand Theft Auto game
68. Finish Super Paper Mario for Wii
69. Beat Duke Nukem 3D for iPhone
70. Play a Sims 3 family for 5 generations

71. Edit Call Center Murders into a finished manuscript
72. Find 3-5 agents to send CCM to and send it
73. Buy and complete "Wreck This Journal"
74. Finish "Survival"

75. Try a food I would have never wanted to try before (i.e. sushi).
76. Give up LJ for 24 hours
77. Go for 24 hours without TV
78. No Facebook for a week
79. Make bed daily for two weeks (0/14)
80. Complete the 50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind (0/50)
81. Complete a 250-piece puzzle
82. Complete a 500-piece puzzle
83. Complete a 1,000-piece puzzle
84. Drive to visit my parents alone
85. Drive to Wal-Mart alone
86. Memorize Kipling's "If"
87. Start a one sentence journal and write in it every day for a year
88. Get 'Never Played' iTunes songs under 25% of total
89. Get a new and better job
90. Take a picture a day for 30 days and post them online

91. Get a first aid kit for the car
92. Write a letter to myself to read after the 1001 days
93. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy and post it to my LJ
94. Convince someone to make a 101 Things in 1001 Days list
95. Make a quilt out of my quirky/snarky shirts
96. Create my own rules to live by
97. Complete a list of 100 things I'm thankful for and post to LJ
98. Buy a poster and frame it for the living room
99. Apply for 5 jobs I don’t think I’m qualified for
100. Identify 25 things I like about myself every 6 months
101. Have a special birthday

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Date: 2010-09-08 02:30 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] mariposa_regina
I like this, will make my own list.

How many have you checked off?

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Date: 2010-09-09 03:12 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] mariposa_regina
I see that one of your items is to convince someone else to make a list. I'm easy. Convince me.


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